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We use secure technology to connect travelers with reliable guides for an easy journey, anywhere, anytime.

Why FixerWise

Verified Fixers: Rely on a network of verified guides for a stress-free travel experience. Your payments are released to your guide only after services have been provided


Safety: Opt for online payments and avoid carrying cash abroad to pay your guide. All transactions in our system are encrypted by Stripe Technology→ 


Secure Communication: Communicate with potential guides via instant messaging and integrated Zoom calls, all from our secure platform

How It Works

We made Fixerwise easy to use so you can focus on your trip

Create a Trip

Create your trip in less than a minute and tell guide about your travel

Find Your Fixer

Compare guide profiles and exchange instant messages

Only Pay When Satisfied

Easily accept a proposal that suits your needs. Pay securely up front or in milestones

Find a Fixer

Finding your fixer or personal travel guide on Fixerwise is easy. Just enter your travel details and get proposals from fixers. Then, agree to a proposal and payment type with the fixer. Your payments will only be released to the fixer when you are satisfied with the service provided.
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If you are a certified travel guide or an experienced fixer you can sign up today and get verified on the Fixerwise platform. For any enquiries, please use the Contact Us form below.

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About Us

We are software engineers and travel enthusiasts on a mission to enhance international travel experience through technology.


We understand the challenges travelers often face when navigating unfamiliar territories. That is why we curated Fixerwise to connect travelers with guides anywhere, anytime.


Whether you are a tourist looking for best spots in town, a journalist who needs a fixer to cover a story, or a business traveler looking for a fixer to set meetings with local officials, we will provide you with the best resources to ease your journey. 

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